Take your time, do bobbin lace!

Henriikka Pool first started bobbin lace during her studies, and she never has stopped! Marine Chassot

Finer than other laces, Rauma lace makes the pride of the city. First practiced by sailor's wives, lace has been passed down from mother to eldest daughter for generations.

Today, Rauma has the status of a lace town and more than 200 Rauma actors use their imagination in keeping this tradition alive.


Absolutely not!

Henriikka Pool, a young lace maker and lace teacher in her spare time, doesn't believe it for a second. Every year, she meets new students in her class.

"There are always new people to learn about lace!".

She notes, however, that these learners are often older than she is.

"Young people don't take the time. Everything has to go fast!" says Henriikka.


It is true that lace making takes time. Half an hour for a small square of 5cm by 2cm, that can quickly discourage... But Henriikka emphasizes that this time is a time just for oneself.

"When I make lace, I forget my worries of the day and I am only concentrating on the movements I have to make.”

After participating in a workshop offered by Nyplääjät, I can tell you that she is right. The art of lacemaking is precise and meticulous, so concentration is required! The threads are very fine and numerous. But, once the machine is started, the movements come naturally.

"To make lace is to take time for oneself”.

Henriikka compares the art to mandala coloring. While doing it, the concentration is on making the lace and no longer about the outside world. It's a space-time bubble that allows one to escape from the sometimes-stressful everyday life.


Like all manual arts, the art of lacemaking brings personal satisfaction. For Henriikka, finding and figuring out how to put the pins in, the movements to follow when using a new pattern is the most satisfying.

In my case, during the workshop, I felt a great satisfaction when I understood the movements to follow! From the outside, these movements seem impossible. How joyful it is to understand them! Others will maybe feel that satisfaction when they will have their finished lace object in hand…

Teksti: Marine Chassot, Samkin kansainvälinen opiskelija

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